Custom design mason jar front by Mad Prints
Custom design mason jar side by Mad Prints
Custom design mason jar back by Mad Prints

Custom Design Mason Jar Mugs

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Mason Jar with Lid and Straw


Please upload a photo by using the Choose File button above. Your image should preferably have a PNG extension with a transparent background (if there is white, black or any other color as a background, it will also be printed and might not look as nice). If you are unable to send your image as a PNG file, you can also send it in JPG format and we will modify the image for you.

The image on the mason jar pictured is an example only.

More information:

With a diameter of 3.1", each of these customized mason jars come with a twist-on stainless steel lid and a reusable straw.

Custom Mason Jar Printing:
We decorate each mason jar with high quality dye sublimation printing. This process allows us to print mason jars with no MOQ.

Please note: white ink printing is not available for this product.

Care Instructions:
Our glass mason jars are microwave safe, but should only be washed by hand, as they are not dishwasher safe.

Submit files in PNG or JPEG format with at least 150 DPI
We recommend using PNG for designs with a transparent background. For other designs, we advise preparing files in JPEG instead.

Create files in sRGB color profile
To ensure that your design looks as close as possible to what appears on your screen, make sure you create your print file in sRGB color profile.

Tips for Best Results
• Avoid semi-transparent designs
Semi-transparent graphics (or elements with lowered opacity) don't translate well in Sublimation printing. We advise using solid colors or simulating semi-transparency by half-toning (for more information, see our video tutorial).
• Create designs with the necessary DPI
Simply typing in a new resolution value into the file won't result in a higher resolution print. If your graphic's resolution is too low, the best solution is to recreate it.
• We recommend using darker colors, as lighter colors may be less visible when printed.
• Avoid very thin details
For best results, avoid using thin fonts and elements thinner or smaller than 2px wide (0.02"). We recommend making text at least 5px in size.

If images are upload with a non-transparent background, this background will appear when printed.